Ajax Davis

Twitter: @ajaxdavis
Resume: @jsonresume/thomasdavis

I can't stop web development.

For several years I worked remotely at various companies in different roles. I was the late CTO of Earbits, an awesome company who graduated from Y Combinator in 2011. I've spent time brainstorming and implementing activism campaigns for EFF whose work and mission I greatly admire.

After work, I habitually build and contribute to free and open source software projects. A lot of front end developers find convenience in using Cdnjs, which as of late 2014 is used by millions of websites.

Standards work isn't my forte, but I felt compelled to create JSON Resume, a more user-friendly resume specification which thousands of developers have adopted.

Over the years, I've also helped millions of website visitors to learn Backbone.js via my tutorials.

In what spare time I have left, I find solace in studying politics, philosophy and literature.

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