Ajax Davis



We are degenerate internet fiends.
Slouched over we envision ourselves as the embodiment of digital
Participating in a network, our egos are bolstered.
We smile well and voluntary as slaves to the machine.

Your knowledge is mine and mine is yours.
Please share and affirm.
We are making history.
When I die, google and you will find me.

There are inevitably no ethics possible.
So embrace it, stop worring, the web is intricate.
Interactive myths that our ancestors would envy and also not resist.
Kids should roam freely, with no firewalls and absolute privacy.
The wild wild web. The future!
The past, and the schizophrenic present.

You ain't seen shit yet.
Reality needs a new definition and your soul needs more memory.
Don't forget your passwords,
press enter at the charming login screen which reads


– Ajax The Programmer