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A list of media articles I was involved with

Libscore Aims to Measure Popularity of JavaScript Libraries

Libscore, a brand new tool that explores the popularity of third-party JavaScript libraries, was just announced by the project's sponsors Stripe and DigitalOcean.

Libscore launches to track the most popular JavaScript libraries on the web

Libscore, a service that can tell you which JavaScript libraries the top million websites use, is launching publicly today. Borne out of payments processing startup Stripe’s Open Source Retre…

Mandatory data retention - spy plan faces grassroots challenge

A 25-year-old Brisbane software developer hopes his campaign will put pressure on the Abbott government to scrap its controversial mandatory data retention proposal.

How Sunlight, EFF and 150 civic hackers reverse-engineered Congress' email system in two days

It's long dismayed us that Congress doesn't provide an easy or straightforward way to contact lawmakers directly - but all that changed when 150 civic hackers tackled this important problem.

A New Open-Source Tool Finally Makes It Easy to Mass Petition Congress

The tool solves a big problem in the activist world contacting members of Congress en masse.

Making Your Web Site Faster With CDNJS

CDNJS is a free service that places your JavaScript libraries (eg., jQuery, Bootstrap) on a reliable and fast CDN, complete with cacheable assets. Your web s...

Internet Activists Rally Support to Defund NSA Phone Surveillance

A Republican congressman has introduced a bill that would cut funding for NSA surveillance programs and activists are rallying online to support the bill.

The Grassroots Campaign to Take Away the Spy Money - An Interview with Defund the NSA

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CDNJS - The Fastest Javascript Repo on the Web

More than a year ago, Ryan Kirkman and Thomas Davis approached us about a project they were working on. Dubbed CDNJS, the project had a noble goal. Make the world's Javascript resources load as fast as possible. They had been hosting the service on Amazon's CloudFront

Episode 0.6.3 - CDNJS with Thomas Davis and Ryan Kirkman

Adam and Wynn caught up with the developers behind CDNJS, a community-powered CDN for JavaScript libraries.