Ajax Davis
developer and wanna be writer
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Web development is my work, hobby and philosophy. I've been working remotely for the past three years at various companies in different roles. I was the late CTO of Earbits, an awesome company who graduated from Y Combinator in 2011. I've spent time brainstorming and implementing activism campaigns for EFF whose work and mission I greatly admire.

After work, I habitually build and contribute to free and open source software projects. You've most likely heard of or use Cdnjs, which as of late 2014 is used by hundreds of thousands of websites.

Standards work isn't my forte, but I felt compelled to create JSON Resume, a more user-friendly resume specification which thousands of developers have adopted.

Over the years, I've also helped millions of website visitors to learn Backbone.js via my tutorials.

In what spare time I have left, I find solace in studying politics, philosophy and literature. The internet by virtue of being new is largely misunderstood and without the input of developers we can expect that backward laws and regulations will be created.